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friday fun.

Thank you for all of the sweet words on my last post.  I can't even express in words how very much all of your kindness has meant to me and G.  A huge hug to all of you. 

And now, for a Happy Friday video.  I'm part of a group of girls, called the Wedding Whine Club (more details here).  We've been working really really really hard on this fun industry event and I just had to share the teaser video.  Enjoy.



Wedding Olympics Teaser from Wedding Olympics on Vimeo.

Video by Josh Ficklin


wedding weekend.

Happy Friday.  We are off to another wedding this weekend...yay!  I've been to so many weddings, you'd think by now I'd have a well thought out plan of what to wear, but last night I got a bit panicked and tried on pretty much my entire closet.  I finally found something, and then couldn't figure out how I would do my hair.  I'm thinking of wearing it up (gasp!).  Nothing too crazy.  A fishtail braid or a messy ponytail both seem like a good fit for me.  

{braid}, {ponytail}


holiday weekend.

Happy happy happy holiday weekend!  How are you spending yours?  Mine will be filled with wedding fun.  I will be helping with a wedding, then attending one as a guest the next day.  Eeeek, can hardly wait.  Hope you enjoy your three-day holiday.



my wedding dress.

Every year on our anniversary I wear my wedding dress out to dinner.  It is so.much.fun to be able to wear my dress over and over again.  I'm super happy that I decided to go with a short dress so that I can sport it out without a second glance from anyone.  I wish all of my girlfriends and I could host a garden party so they too could wear their wedding dresses out again one more time.  I swear, it totally takes you back to that moment where you marry your love...and what an amazing moment that was and will always be.  So, here are pics of our anniversary nights throughout the years (and please forgive the phone pics).




Today marks three years of marriage (and 13 years together...wowza)!  I seriously can't believe I ended up with this guy.  It's hard for me to write in words how very much he means to me.  The last three years have brought some rough times our way, but also some of the most incredibly amazing times of our lives.  He is beloved by all, especially my family who is constantly talking about how sweet and wonderful he is (uhhhhhh hello, I used to be the nice one in my family, but apparently that title now lies with my hubby).  G, love you, love your show!

{pic by Melissa Diep, more from our wedding day on SMP}