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Hi, welcome to modern sequins. A little blog dedicated to 2 of my obsessions, modern design and a closet full of sequins. Enjoy. xo, Myka
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new year's sparkle.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I got to snuggle my niece and nephews which was the highlight for me.  And now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve.  I mean, not like I need another excuse to wear sequins, but hey it is an excuse to buy a new shiny outfit.  Right?!?  Here are a few looks that I've been eyeing.

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pale pink.

My eyes immediately lit up when I saw this room.  That pale pink wall, that gold light fixture...I love it all.  And in my dream world, I would be sitting there in this dress.  Yes please.

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easy breezy.

When the temperatures begin to rise, sometimes all you want is a nice and easy dress.  This gauzy gorgeous gown is just what the doctor ordered.  And that blush color?!?  SOLD!



the girl's section.

If you follow me on instagram then you already know about this little deal, but I just had to share the bargain of the year with the rest of you.  I found this tassel-sleeve dress in the girl's section at old navy for $8.  Yes, $8!  It's selling online for $18, which is also a great deal...but run to your local store to see if you can find it at the lower price.  And a lot of people were asking me about sizing.  I bought an XL for the length (I'm 5'8"), but if you are shorter you can definitely go with a smaller size.  It's pretty baggy.  Uhhhh hello, and cinco de mayo is this weekend.  Wouldn't this be the perfect little dress to wear to a party this Sunday?  I think YES!



my wedding dress.

Every year on our anniversary I wear my wedding dress out to dinner.  It is so.much.fun to be able to wear my dress over and over again.  I'm super happy that I decided to go with a short dress so that I can sport it out without a second glance from anyone.  I wish all of my girlfriends and I could host a garden party so they too could wear their wedding dresses out again one more time.  I swear, it totally takes you back to that moment where you marry your love...and what an amazing moment that was and will always be.  So, here are pics of our anniversary nights throughout the years (and please forgive the phone pics).