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Hi, welcome to modern sequins. A little blog dedicated to 2 of my obsessions, modern design and a closet full of sequins. Enjoy. xo, Myka
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a beanie please.

This look is perfect and it reminds me of why I love the city we live in so much.  Layering is a part of my daily dressing and I can't get enough of a little faux leather jacket over a girly white dress.  And when fall/winter hits, you know I'll be adding a beanie into the mix.



the relaxed pant.

When I'm reaching for a pair of pants, I'm almost always drawn to the relaxed-slouchy pant.  I mean, is it acceptable to admit that it's kind of like wearing your pjs outside?!?  They are seriously that comfy and I can't seem to get enough.  And I'm really loving that bow detail on the black pair.  Come to me pretty please.

{black}, {chevron}, {floral}


beachy hair please.

I've been all sorts of obsessed with wavy "look at me, I just got out of the ocean" hair lately.  I wish I could say that my mane was easily manipulated into this gorgeous messy look, but the truth is, it takes some serious work.  But I'm willing to do it.  I love this intentionally undone look.

{blonde}, {ombre}


polished + comfortable.

Yep, these little outfits are exactly the Fall uniform I'm looking for.  A little faux leather skirt and a comfy (ie. slouchy) top are exactly what I will be sporting.  And of course I'll be throwing on some flats for the day (I seriously can't take the bus in heels) and rocking heels at night.  Helllooooo fall wardrobe.

{all black}, {grey sweatshirt}, {blue jacket}


festival fashion.

I find so much fashion inspiration just walking around and checking out other girl's "street style".  One of my ultimate fave spots to find stylish outfits is at festivals.  I swear, everyone kicks it up a notch as they go and watch their favorite bands on a sunny summer afternoon.  Here are some looks that I'm loving at the moment.

{kimono}, {white maxi}, {crochet top}, {maxi}