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Hi, welcome to modern sequins. A little blog dedicated to 2 of my obsessions, modern design and a closet full of sequins. Enjoy. xo, Myka
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city escape.

It's funny, you would think that living in a big city would make you want to escape it for a calmer more serene spot on the weekends, but that hasn't quite happened for us.  We love being in the hustle and bustle in our daily lives and when it comes to the weekends, we try to stay right here.  And if we happen to travel somewhere on vacation, it seems that we are pulled in the direction of yet another city.  I mean, don't get me wrong, we do love laying by the pool with a book in hand like anyone else, but mostly when we talk about our dream vacations it involves traveling to a city.  Hello, Sydney, London, Paris...I'm looking at you!  What about you?  Do your vacation dreams consist of laying low on an exotic beach, or do they look more like restaurant hopping in the concrete jungle?



words for wednesday.

Just a few quotes to get you through the week.  The first one completely cracked me up, as it is a perfect description of my book club.  And the second one, just a little reminder to extend more "hellos".  Happy Wednesday friends!

{book}, {hello}


modern budget. 10.

What the what, it's been far too long since I've posted a modern budget piece, so here I am.  After the fun filled wedding weekend, we hopped on the road and you know I just had to stop by a Target and try to snag a purse from the latest collaboration with Phillip Lim.  Unfortunately I was too late and they were all sold out, but I did pick up these booties and they are insane!  They will be in heavy rotation this fall.  And what would I pair with these shoes?  My two favorite looks as of late are the floral dress and black/white ensemble.  Hello fall time, I am so ready for you!

{boots}, {floral}, {graphic}


wedding weekend.

Happy Friday.  We are off to another wedding this weekend...yay!  I've been to so many weddings, you'd think by now I'd have a well thought out plan of what to wear, but last night I got a bit panicked and tried on pretty much my entire closet.  I finally found something, and then couldn't figure out how I would do my hair.  I'm thinking of wearing it up (gasp!).  Nothing too crazy.  A fishtail braid or a messy ponytail both seem like a good fit for me.  

{braid}, {ponytail}


fall fashion.

Dear Zara, I want every single piece of clothing in your fall-winter campaign.  I just can't get enough of the pairing of black and navy.  Oh and hello floral dresses.  I've gotta make you mine.  Check out more of the goodies here.


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