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Hi, welcome to modern sequins. A little blog dedicated to 2 of my obsessions, modern design and a closet full of sequins. Enjoy. xo, Myka
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overalls part 2.

Well I did jump on the bandwagon earlier this year and purchase a pair of overalls.  And I would like to admit that I love them.  Yep, there I said it.  Hmmmmm, now my eyes have narrowed in on this faux leather version.  It remains to be seen if I will also take the plunge on these.  But while I'm at it, I also added in a few accessories that would be perfect additions to this outfit.

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pale pink.

My eyes immediately lit up when I saw this room.  That pale pink wall, that gold light fixture...I love it all.  And in my dream world, I would be sitting there in this dress.  Yes please.

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words for monday.

Hey there Monday!  Hope you all had a good one.  Ours was a busy one (the usual), but a ton of fun.  I have a few design + styling projects I'm working on in the next two months, so part of my weekend was spent mocking up some fun ideas.  Yay, can't wait to share.  In the meantime, here are some words to start your week off right.



modern budget. 11.

Well hello there October.  You crept up on me.  But I must admit that I am SO excited that fall is here and I feel like my wardrobe and beauty routine are slowly starting to transition.  Ummm and when I spotted these booties online I may have squealed a bit.  I mean, I must admit that I haven't actually tried these on yet, but you best believe that I will be running to the nearest f21 to see if they are comfy, cause they are pretty darn cute (and only $42.80)!  Every year I stock up on these Target tights cause they are the best I've ever found.  Yeahhhh, here's to fall layers on a shopping budget. p.s. I always end up buying beanies from the guy's section.  I just love the slouchy fit wayyy better then the lady's versions.

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dark side.

As fall approaches, I'm dreaming of darker nails.  Those matte black beauties are right up my alley.  And I'm also loving the soft grey look.  Time to look to the dark side for more beauty inspiration.

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